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Even in the age of clickbait, magazines can entertain you during long commutes or waits at the doctor's office… but that's hardly all they do. Magazines inform us. They let us experience the lives of others. They offer easy-to-digest road maps to the happy, healthy people we want to be. So whether you're a man or a woman, a parent or a kid, Groupon offers a magazine subscription with your interests in mind.

Stay Informed

If you feel overwhelmed by the rapid pace of online journalism, consider a magazine subscription that offers a more big-picture view of business news or current events, as well as the latest advances in science and technology. Popular magazines like Time, The Economist, and Popular Science allow you to read relevant, well-written news articles without chewing up all the data on your phone plan or developing eyestrain from staring at the screen too long. Of course, not all news needs to be uber-serious. If you prefer to unwind with a little celebrity gossip from Us Weekly, the latest music releases, or what's new in the world of fashion, you do you.

Learn a New Skill

Before there were online videos that encouraged DIYers, there were new magazines backed by experts that covered topics such as home improvement and souping up your car. Share this wisdom with your household by subscribing to arts & crafts magazines such as Crochet World or cooking titles such as Cook's Illustrated. Best of all, there's no comments section.

Better Yourself

If you're the type of person that gets inspired by to-do lists and long-term goals, consider browsing the health, sports, and lifestyle selections. Runner's World, Women's Health, and Garden & Gun are just a few of the possibilities. Or if you'd like to expand your worldview, pick up a travel magazine for a thorough, detailed list of destinations to have a fun, spontaneous vacation—or a history magazine for a mini-vacation to another time. Aspiring writers, meanwhile, can keep up with the latest short stories being published by their contemporaries.